Two men wearing red shirts waving communist flags
Wideangle shot of people sitting and standing on bollards, holding signs
Overview of the protestors around the fountain in Tafalgar Square, London
A man holding a sign against austerity and his arm around his son
Elderly lady being passed by people attending the demonstration
A man wearing a David Cameron mask and a pig costume
Group of communist party members carrying a large red banner through the streets
A young man wearing colourful make-up making hand gestures
A group of protestors of different ages passing by
A closup portrait of a protestor in a balaclava
Protestors standing at a red light
Signs piled up against the smallest police station in the world
Socialist protestor handing a marxist flyer to a young girl
Portrait of a young woman with pink triangle on her cheek
Woman sitting on a bollard with demonstrators behind her
Male protestor standing on a bollard near a lamp post, checking his phone


About Austerity

In April 2016, tens of thousands of protestors flocked to central London to protest a new round of austerity budget cuts proposed by then-Prime Minister David Cameron. While the outrage at the purposeful diminishing of public services was the main message of the protest, many also voiced their concerns regarding a tax scandal, and their wishes for more equality and solidarity.

Young and old take to the street to voice their concerns

About the uprising project

The Uprising project revolves around the right to protest and demonstrate. These happenings are commonly portrayed as flare ups, especially if there is violence, and presented without the context of what lead to the outbreak and what happens during these demonstrations. Inside these uprisings, communities form between sometimes very diverse groups. We aim to show the story of people who sometimes risk their lives for their convictions — even if that means just being there and waiting.