A young man on a green background
Mopeds speeding through the narrow alleys of Lahore
Left: old man with a purple headdress, right: old woman with traditional floral shalwar and scarf
Men making naan bread in a bakery
Left: an elderly bicyclist navigates the busy shopping streets of the old city, right: men leaving the old city through a gate
A nuts and fruits vendor sitting among his wares
Group portrait of adults, teenagers, and children on the street
A shoemaker with a grey beard surrounded by shoemaking tools
People standing around a street level hole in the wall restaurant
Men and teenagers sitting in the old streets
Two older men in white shalwar kameez posing for a photograph
Men smoking and pouring chai tea
Street view of the old town
A wall with Urdu posters, with a man on the right looking back


About Lahore Streets

Pakistan has mostly been known for being on the front line of the war on terror for nearly two decades. With that came drone strikes, numerous jihadi fractions, and widespread corruption. But there is another side to Pakistan, as shown in its cultural capital Lahore, right on the border with India. The ancient city has been here for over 4000 years, and has survived many a empire coming and going. While still occasionally hit by insurgents, the city remains lively and well developed.

A look through ancient streets in a country not often visited

About the streets project

Few things are more telling about communities than the streets they live on and around. The Streets project aims to document living conditions and the state of communities in places that are only known in the West by the news of their wars, poverty, and other hardships. This project is about showing the daily life that's not commonly featured.