An Arabic coffee vendor at the promenade in Al Mina, Tripoli.
Young men in bathing suits smoking on the beach in the evening sun
Three veiled women with sunglasses on the beachfront in Tripoli
A group of teenage girls taking selfies on a bridge near the beach in Tripoli
Two fishermen standing on craggy rocks with boats in the distance
A moped standing on the polluted beaches with bathing men and shisha pipes in the background.
Two young men on a moped on the beach
Portraits of three young Lebanese men
Two young men posing for a photograph near the beach, with mopeds in the background
A young boy doing a bodybuilder pose on the beach in Al Mina, Tripoli
Three young boys posing for a picture with an apartment block in the background
Veiled women sitting in beach tents, looking at the men enjoying a swim
Three generations of women walking along the promenade at sunset
Sea birds flying above an apartment block
Two laughing boys riding a moped along the promenade


About Tripoli Streets

Tripoli in Lebanon has been in turmoil for decades. From the civil war to the neighbourhood wars around the Alawite communities of Jabal Mohsen have plagued this area over the years. After a crackdown by the Lebanese national army, some degree of peace has returned to the ancient Tripoli-of-the-Levant. However, since the eruption of the Syrian civil war, more and more extremist groups are crossing the border from Syria into northern and eastern Lebanon, threatening this fragile peace.

Tripoli has a troubled past and a precarious future.

About the streets project

Few things are more telling about communities than the streets they live on and around. The Streets project aims to document living conditions and the state of communities in places that are only known in the West by the news of their wars, poverty, and other hardships. This project is about showing the daily life that's not commonly featured.