UN trucks being washed in the river outside of Sake
Schoolboys posing in Goma
Trucks passing by a man carrying jerrycans of water on a bicycle
A man and his wife and child outside their house made out of tarp and corrugated sheet metal in Goma
A cafe made of UNHCR tarps outside Sake
A woman carrying her child wrapped in a cloth on her back
A gas station named Tout Jeune with vegetable vendors passing by
A young boy fishing in the Lac Vert crater lake
Women and young children washing clothes in the river
Two boys on the rim of Lac Vert crater lake
An improvised kiln to bake bricks
Boys fishing at Lac Vert crater lake
A hill half dug out in search for rare earth minerals
A young girl in a white dress near the mine
Curious boy smiling in a shanty town
Man on the back of a truck
Boys running to have their picture taken
Girl with a lollipop in front of a dust road in central Goma


About Goma Streets

These are the streets of Goma, the provincial capital of Nord Kivu, D. R. Congo. A place dominated by the ongoing bush wars over territory and natural resources, Goma has seen its fair share of hardship. Today, MONUSCO, the largest UN contingent in the world, is keeping the fighting away from the town. Outside the city many armed groups are active — conservative estimates say there are about two dozen - but inside city limits banditry and armed robbery are a daily occurence. These incidents cause deaths almost every day. The heavy presence of foreign militaries has cerrtainly left it's mark on Goma, where it's population is working hard to survive.

Dozens of armed groups that surround the town left their mark on Goma's inhabitants.

About the streets project

Few things are more telling about communities than the streets they live on and around. The Streets project aims to document living conditions and the state of communities in places that are only known in the West by the news of their wars, poverty, and other hardships. This project is about showing the daily life that's not commonly featured.