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About us

EEDOC specializes in creating photographic projects about humanitarian issues, ranging from armed conflicts to international aid. Our narratives aim to show lives and situations that are not commonly covered by traditional news media. EEDOC is strictly non-profit and largely self–financed. We cover both short– as well as long–term consequences. Most of our projects are long term and span several years, in order to collect and curate the most complete document as possible, but partial projects are displayed above.

The photographers who work on EEDOC projects are have been working together for over 10 years. EEDOC are active worldwide and speak English, German, Dutch and French.

Current projects

We have been actively working on the following projects for the past decade:

  • Groundwork Focus on aid workers
  • Uprising Focus on civil unrest and demonstrations
  • Streets Focus on how and where people live
More projects are currently being audited. We are available for assignments.